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Industry Squeeze Hose Pump

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It is suitable for conveying a variety of viscosity, density, corrosive, abrasive fluid materials.It can be used in petroleum, chemical, water treatment and mining, gold smelting, medicine, ceramics, paper and other industries.


Industry Squeeze Hose Pump

industry squeeze hose pump

industry squeeze hose pump

industry squeeze hose pump

Discription of industry squeeze hose pump

Industrial hose pump products is the absorption of foreign advanced technology and the development of a new, multi-purpose, multi-purpose industrial pumps.

It is completely out of the traditional pump impeller and shaft seal mode of operation.And it has a great advantages ot the viscosity of large, corrosive, large fluid impurity medium transport.And the principle is very different from the traditional pump,and has a wide range of applications.


1.Anti-wear - The life of the hose is independent of the abrasion of the pumped material.

2.Less wearing parts - the only parts that are in contact with the media is hose. Short downtime, easy to replace the hose.

3.Can be two-way transmission, no internal return. - Accurate measurement

4.Can be transported with high solid content of the medium - the maximum solid content can reach 75%

5.Suitable for pumping a significant proportion of the material - the application of mud transport during the mining of rare metal like nonferrous metallurgical,the proportion can reach 2.5.

6.Smooth flow, no valves, corners and mechanical parts.

7.Self-priming high, up to 9.5 meters, is the highest pump in the self-priming pump;

8.Can be idling, hose has external lubrication,can use in some occasion with out the need to take care. Greatly reducing maintenance costs.

9.Flammable and explosive use - according to customer requirements, to provide explosion-proof motor and used in explosion-proof occasions.

10.Wide range of applications - hose pump can choose a variety of materials hose, hose material has NR, NBR, CSM and so on. According to the chemical properties of the media selection of different materials of the hose, smooth hose cavity so that it can pump with impurities of the fluid, a variety of fiber objects and solid particles, and will not produce any clogging and failure.

11.Very suitable for media with shear requirements - Parabolic outline design of the bumps in the extrusion hose when the shear force is very low, does not destroy the integrity of the media, especially suitable for conveying flocculants, yeast.

Working principle & Structure

The hose, which is fixed in the pump chamber, is compressed by an external shoe or press roll to push the media out of the outlet and the compressed hose is immediately restored to a circular shape to create a vacuum and inhalation of more media into the hose , So that the cycle to complete the delivery.

The medium is completely contained in the hose cavity, and the moving parts such as a shoe or a pressure roller do not come into contact with it. So the hose pump is the only valve without valve, no seal, no moving parts with the media contact pump.

industry squeeze hose pump industry squeeze hose pump industry squeeze hose pump

Technical data

Model Power






Size(m)  Weight







YLRG251.5210.9*0.3*0.3 6025/4910/80
 YLRG150 227011.9*1.7*1.61600148/16510/100


industry squeeze hose pump


Construction industry: sewage and deep pit drainage, cement slurry, concrete slurry, ceiling paint and so on

Cosmetics: toothpaste, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, cotton cream, flour and so on

Refinery: oil residue discharge, tank cleaning and so on

Chemical industry: phosphate, titanium dioxide (metatitanic acid) slurry, crystalline liquid, suspension, latex, resin, ooze and various acid-base slurry

Water treatment industry: the addition of pharmaceuticals, sampling water, sediment recovery and emissions

Ceramic industry: ceramic embryo, mud glaze, glaze transport

Electroplating Electrolysis: electroplating solution, electrolyte, anode mud, sediment

Gold smelting industry: gold pulp, tailings

Beer industry: yeast, diatomaceous earth, lees, syrup, ingredients, concentrates (liquid), gas-liquid mixture

Metallurgical industry: iron oxide skin, flue mud treatment

Aviation and ships: discharge of tank and bottom of the ship, cleaning and rusting of the ship

Municipal engineering, fire: tank and deep hole drainage, sewage pipe cleaning, chemical agents, fire extinguishing agent

Mining, mine: thick pulp, underground channel drainage, adsorbent, mortar and mortar

Paper industry: high concentration of pulp, waste water treatment

Environmental protection: lime water, chemicals, filtration and sewage treatment

Electronic industry: solvent, electroplating solution, ultrasonic cleaning

Thermal power, nuclear power plants: chemical treatment (acid and alkali), equipment scrubbing and deep pit drainage, radioactive wasteindustry squeeze hose pump


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