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Portable Grouting Recorder

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Recorder the grouting monitor, record and print the four parameters of slurry density, slurry flow rate, grouting pressure and grouting area formation


Portable Grouting Recorder

grouting cecorder,cement grouting recorder


     Grouting recorder, is my company design and development of the national patent technology with the grouting automatic monitoring system. The four parameters grouting recorder can monitor, record and print the four parameters of slurry density, slurry flow rate, grouting pressure and grouting area formation during the grouting process, and can reflect the pressure, flow rate and density in the form of curve And lift the relationship between the parameters. In addition, you can always check the current and historical grouting results, intelligent tips sensor failure, automatic judgment grouting end standard. Can be carried out by ordinary grouting process monitoring, can also be carried out by GIN grouting process monitoring, which can record multiple grouting channels at the same time. The parameters of the process of filling the automatic collection, processing and output, in line with the specifications required to produce a variety of results

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grouting cecorder,cement grouting recorder

grouting cecorder,cement grouting recorder

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Xinxiang Zhongsui Machinery Co., Ltd. (formerly Xinxiang Yulong anchor and shotcrete support Factory) was established in 1998.

We are the hi-tech enterprise which is specialized in tunnel machinery design, development, innovation, production, sales and service for engineering construction, mining, tunnels, culverts, subway, hydropower engineering, underground engineering and coal high marsh mine laneway and other kind of industries.

We mainly produce concrete grouting machine series, shotcrete machine series, mortar conveyor and spraying machine series, steel cold bending equipment series, mixing pulping machine series, pump series, greening spray seeding machine and other products, also we do develop the advanced high technological mining products and new products.

According to the need of market economy development, we have established a close cooperative relationship with a number of coal academies and well-known mining universities, which can lay a firm foundation for developing new products and supporting the national energy, mining and construction’s development.

Our partners: China Railway Group, China Railway Tunnel Group, China Communication Construction Company and Hydro China Corp. Now our machines are widely used in China and all over the world.

In order to facilitate customer service, our company has established more than 20 agents and offices in different cities and provinces nationwide. In our world, service and quality are equally important, and it is another core force that we carefully cultivate. High-quality service teams, all over the country's network warehouse, fast, active and timely services, so that our products and services keep up the same class.

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